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Planned Victimhood

  • Welcome to the new taxpayer funded organization Planned Victimhood! Planned Victimhood can help prevent you becoming an unwanted victim. Just like Planned Parenthood has a primary function of terminating your unwanted babies, Planned Victimhood will help you terminate any unwanted violent crime. Here is how Planned Victimhood works:


    1. Visit your local Planned Victimhood location and request your free victim kit which contains a .38 Special and 30 rounds of ammo.
    2. Fill out the paper work, but don’t worry. Just like Planned Parenthood, we won’t check into legalities or anything.
    3. Under 18? No problem we won’t tell your parents we issued you a gun, it’s not their right to know.
    4. Each month stop by Planned Victimhood and get another 30 day supply of ammo.
    5. That’s it, now you’re ready to only be a victim on your terms.


    Just as Planned Parenthood’s job is murdering innocent babies, Planned Victimhood’s job is helping you terminating the life of violent criminals.



    I wonder how liberals would feel about a taxpayer organization like Planned Victimhood.

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