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What I learned from BREXIT

  • What the BREXIT vote taught us is not what we expected, but should have guessed

    There was a lot to be learned from the BREXIT exit data and demographics. Based on the medias analysis below is zPatriot’s takeaway.

    Old White People Voting Ruins Everything
    So the big takeaway from BREXIT is that anyone aged from the mid-forties or older should have no say in any election process. Therefore once you have lived roughly half your lifespan your say in governance should be stripped so that those 18 to 30 have control as that is the way it is intended I suppose.
    The interesting thing is that the average age of the UK is 41. Think about that, the average works out to be an age where you are on the precipice of being too old for your vote to matter according to the REMAIN pundits. The other interesting thing is only people young or stupid enough to fall for a 4Chan joke should be allowed to vote.
    The average age of the UK aside, the other interesting thing I learned is that if a decision is to be made between two things, anyone with experience in both things should not get to vote. So let’s put this into context shall we. If there is going to be a vote on which tastes better, McDonald’s French Fires fried in lard or those same fires fried in Vegetable oil, anyone who has the opportunity to try both should not get to vote. If you have only tried one then your vote should be the only one counted, because clearly you would have a better opinion on which is better than anyone who has actually tried both lard and vegetable oil fires. This is true because the media has told us that the people old enough to remember living pre-European Union and in the European Union should not have a say. Only the young folks who are too young to have lived or remember living pre-European Union should have say. From this point if I see any beverage taste tests, and the participants get to try both before deciding which is best, I will discount the results as a marketing scam. If the participants are in their 40s or older, then I know the results are total crap. Clearly trying both things before deciding which is best is a stupid move only old people would do.
    The other interesting narrative being thrown around is how few minorities voted for BREXIT. BREXIT is a stupid old WHITE person move. I can’t believe they still allow white people to vote in the UK, that isn’t fair. White people are 87% of the population, how are minorities to get their way if White people vote. The fix for the UK is simple, have a White persons vote count as 1/5 a vote. That will go a long way in helping level the playing field.  Frankly with a demographic like 87% white, and an average age in the 40s, it is difficult to image a vote that wasn’t an old white person vote.
    So in summary anyone older than 45, or has tried both things being voted on, or White should get no say in making a choice. The bad news for the UK is you are 87% white, and your population is aging rapidly. Soon you won’t have anyone qualified to vote.
    Good Luck UK, zPatriot
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  • King Shitpoaster
    King Shitpoaster 51% is fine if I win, but for your side to win you should have a supermajority.
    June 27, 2016 - like - Reply
  • Mothman
    Mothman Why is this a shock? In a world where our education institutions are more concerned about hurting feelings than producing intellectuals and parents are more concerned about their next episode of GOT than investing in their children's understanding, discip...  more
    June 28, 2016 - like - 2 like this - Reply
    • Mothman
      Mothman Truthful knowledge that is. Not the rewritten history bullcrap that our "enlightened progressives" claim.
      June 28, 2016 - like - Reply
    • AdolphON
      AdolphON You forgot progressives are self-important whiners and when they don’t get their way when there is an “actual” fair vote, then the people who voted against them are one or a combination of the following:

      Unedu...  more

      June 28, 2016 - like - 1 likes this - Reply
    • Mothman
      Mothman Oh I didn't forget, that falls under the improperly educated/uneducated section.
      June 28, 2016 - like - Reply
    • Mothman
      Mothman I agree though. This comes from our society's over-glorification or celebration of human emotion. Emotion has been placed on a pedestal and worshiped. So when we don't get our way, we defame those we feel are to blame. We kick and scream and throw a hissy...  more
      June 28, 2016 - like - 1 likes this - Reply

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