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Hey What About That Infringment and Descrimination Thing?

  • Between the Project Veritas videos, and the Wikileaks email dumps one thing is obvious voter fraud is running rampant.  This can be largely tied to the Democrat mantra that having to prove who you are to vote is racist.  The Democrats have stated that minorities have a hard time getting Ids for some reason.  This has never been proved in anyway, but by saying it they can ensure their voter fraud ring continues.

    Hey What About That Infringement and Discrimination Thing?

    I think we should argue/sue whatever it takes to make a similar argument.  Since requiring an ID for anything is racist, (Remember minorities can’t get IDs) and since any constitutional right can’t be infringed. The ability of someone to practice a Constitutional right should not be requiring IDs..Rich? Case in point the 2nd Amendment.  The right to keep and bear arms is constitutionally protected.  In fact it specifically state this right should not be infringed.  Democrats have proved that the mere act of requiring an ID infringes and also discriminates.  Since they have gotten this through the court system and set legal precedent, then it should be easy to bring a suit and say the Background check laws as they stand now violate the same rights as requiring an ID to vote.

    On a side note I think it would be interesting for a state to do a post-election check, and see what percentage of voters has not been issued a state identification of some kind.

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