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Google R U Manipulating Autocomplete For Hillary?

  • WTF Google? Why are you manipulating your autocomplete feature algorithm to favor Hillary?


    We have all heard over the last few days about how Google is manipulating their search results in favor of Hillary Clinton. Or to be more precise they are manipulating their autocomplete feature. When typing in the Google search bar autocomplete tries to anticipate what you are searching for. This feature has been put under considerable scrutiny the last few days because it appears anything negative towards Hillary doesn’t show up in the autocomplete, yet Google trends indicate that the negative search references are more popular. Supposedly the autocomplete algorithm uses search trends to anticipate what you are searching for, this way the most searched items have a higher chance of being suggested by autocomplete. The truth is that all the major search engines do this including Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The difference is when you type “Hillary Clinton li” into Bing it suggests “Hillary Clinton lies”, but Google suggests “Hillary Clinton live”. So obviously this seems to indicate Google is manipulating their autocomplete algorithm in preference to Hillary.

  put this to the test, and what a better search topic that Bill Clinton. Here are the results.


    First let’s test “Bill Clinton Affairs” autocomplete across the different search engines.



    Well lookie there “Bill Clinton Af” in Google suggests Bill Clinton Africa, while both Bing and Yahoo suggest Bill “Clinton affairs” well maybe the Google trends indicate that Bill Clinton Africa is more popular than Bill Clinton Affairs.



    Oops Google, apparently almost no one is searching Bill Clinton Africa, and everyone is searching Bill Clinton Affairs.


    How about “Bill Clinton Rape”, we will test by searching “Bill Clinton Ra”



    What do we find? Once again Bing and Yahoo return suggestion results related to rape, and Google suggests “Bill Clinton Rally”. So what do you think? Are more people searching Bill Clinton Rally or Bill Clinton Rape/Rapist? Lest see what Google trends returns.

    WOW! Once again no one is searching for Bill Clinton Rally, and everyone is searching for Bill Clinton Rape. It now appears that is Google no only protecting Hillary, but also Bill.


    This being the case we wondered, is Google also attempting to undermine Donald Trump, Hillary’s competition for the White House. Let's see by searching for “Donald Trump Ra” you know, the left loves to claim that Donald is a racist, and that falls directly into the lefts playbook which is why it is echoed non-stop in the mainstream media. Anyway let’s see the results of “Donald Trump Ra”:

    Wait! What is going on here? Google didn’t return “Donald Trump Racist” like Yahoo, and Bing. Let look at trend to see, maybe no one searches for Donald Trump racist.

    Well according to Trends a lot more people do actually look up “Donald Trump Rally”, than Racist. However if you look at the Google autocomplete suggestions again for Donald Trump Ra, Donald Trump Rap is suggested as-well. Looking at the Trends way more people are searching for Donald Trump Racist that Rap, yet autocomplete suggests Rap. Weird.


    I know, let’s try Donald Trump Antichrist. Since almost all presidential candidate names get searched for with the term Antichrist for some reason let’s check that out by plugging in “Donald trump Anti”:

    WOW! Again, Bing and Yahoo suggest “Donald Trump Antichrist”, yet Google doesn’t mention it. Google instead suggests “Donald Trump Anti Gun”. Let see if trend supports the Google suggestion:

    No, virtually no one searches for Donald trump anti gun, yet a lot of people search for Donald Trump Antichrist.

    So what does this mean? Is Google protecting Donald trump as-well? It seems unlikely Google would have any interest in protecting Trump, I mean after all they are a left wing company, pro open borders, and Eric Schmidt the executive chairman of Google parent-company Alphabet is funding a technology startup called “The Groundwork” to ensure that Clinton has the engineering talent needed to win the election. So how do we explain what we see here? Well, according to Tamar Yehoshua, the Google VP who runs that search feature:

    “The autocomplete algorithm is designed to avoid completing a search for a person’s name with terms that are offensive or disparaging. We made this change a while ago following feedback that Autocomplete too often predicted offensive, hurtful or inappropriate queries about people.”


    This makes sense. Test “Bill Cosby Ra” you would expect "Rape", or how about Mel Gibson anti-Semitic by typing “Mel Gibson anti”, here we’ll show you the results:

    So it appears Tamar Yehoshua is right. Google autocomplete is designed to avoid completing a search for a person’s name with terms that are offensive or disparaging.


    Now what about the search results from Google? WikiLeaks even suggests Google is manipulating search results in favor of Clinton. Hmm maybe we need to test this next.



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