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Wake up Buttercup

  • This is the one thing that pisses me off no end. Thoughtless platitudes on social media, and all media in general for that matter. I think nothing shows that you are a thoughtless pile of protoplasm like a good old poorly contrived hashtag. A show of unity without the resolve to fight and back it up. The Jews learned this the hard way during WWII, they were mostly pacifists and let their enemy ship them to the ovens while the rest of the world stood by and waved a finger at the terrible Nazis. So when the next Islamist terrorist attack happens, try to understand that taking a selfie with a duck lipped sad face and making it your profile pic with a rainbow superimposed over it, or posting a hash tag that says #lovewins, to making yourself feel better without actually doing anything, will not help any of the victims or stop the perpetrators of the most heinous deeds from planning the next massacre. Do you really think that love will protect you from a group of people who are hell bent on killing every last one of us? Love is just a concept, it’s a luxury, it’s a subroutine in the greater context of life. Life wins period. It’s your job to protect life from those who want to destroy it. Choosing to protect your life by taking another’s may seem like a contradiction to the morally ambiguous, but regrettably, this is often the choice we are given regarding terrorist as an existential risk. If you are unwilling and unprepared to make that choice, the terrorist will make it for you. #wakethefuckup, #stopthedouchebaggery

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Buzz Kill
I'm not gay.


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  • p Ennis
    p Ennis Holy shit Buzz Kill posted a blog. But WTF it is spot on too. I agree completely, we are a bunch of fucking idiots.

    "I keep posting #StopTheHate on all my Social Media Accounts, and made my profile picture a rainbow but they keep killing us, I don't u...  more

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  • AdolphON
    AdolphON How does this have so many views man.
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  • King Shitpoaster
    King Shitpoaster #WakeTheFuckU is my favorite university!
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