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Do Diversity Programs Really Work?

  • Stop, don’t invest in a diversity program without doing the research

    Oh my all those diversity programs are actually decreasing diversity and doing more to impair the percentages of minorities in management positions

    No! Hey sorry to be so blunt but decades of research shows that corporations engaging in diversity training and enforcement programs actually see a decrease in their management diversity. To be precise an extensively comprehensive audit and statistical study reviewing thirty-one years of compiled data from just under 1000 U.S. companies found that diversity training exercises were followed by a 7.5% drop in the number of women in management positions, but black, female managers fell even further, by 10%. Black men in top positions even fell, by 12%. Latinos and Asians, were not spared either and saw similar levels of decline of representation in management positions.
    "That diversity training appears to do little to promote diversity in the management ranks, and frequently backfires, is troubling given the role it plays in equal opportunity programs backed by both the private sector and government. Training is regularly at the top of private best-diversity-practices lists" (Catalyst 1998; Society for Human Resources Management 2004).
    Why don’t they work? Well because they are just liberal distortion programs that never work, like Keynesian economics. The research show that people when feeling manipulated to hiring people based on skin color rebel and do the opposite. In fact what the decades of research bears out is that people who have a job to hire people, are driven to hire the best no matter the skin color. Skin color isn’t a consideration for hiring, they are only focused on hiring the best of the best. Then comes the failed liberal Social Justice Warriors and they implement a Diversity Program that is really just another term for wanting semi-enforceable quotes. The people doing the hiring now feel they are in a position of hiring based on skin color and not on qualifications, which they don’t like. Since they don’t like it they rebel against the diversity system and do the opposite.
    “One possibility is that training activates bias, rather than giving participants the tools to suppress bias. Field and laboratory studies suggest that training may have such adverse effects, reinforcing stereotypes and eliciting backlash” (Egan and Bendick 2008; Naff and Kellough 2003; Sidanius et al. 3 2001; MacDonald 1993; Rynes and Rosen 1995; Galinsky and Moskowitz 2000; Kulik, Perry,and Bourhis 2000).
    So in summary stop wasting money on stupid mandatory Diversity Programs. If you want to increase diversity have voluntary meetings that highlight the great contributions of all employees of all colors.

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  • King Shitpoaster
    King Shitpoaster Diversity programs work wonderfully... as long as your goal was virtue signaling and nothing else.
    June 30, 2016 - like - Reply

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