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Can steriods alone make me ripped without lifting?

  • Come unto me ye lazy and shortcut seeking... Come and listen to the Word of the Swollen Christ...


    Yo, SC! The only reason I can't make gainz is cuz I don't juice right! Once you got dat magic steroid hookup the you don't actually have to do anything do you?


    I let a Legionaire stab me with a spear for these questions? Sit down, fool and listen!

    Anabolic steroids alone won't do much of anything for normal people without the application of external muscle growth stimulus i.e. progressive overload utilizing heavy weights that you lift off the ground. 


    If you administer steroids even at massively supra-physiological levels (say 1 gram of Testosterone per week placing your Total Testosterone level at something like 12-15 x the male average) the only thing that will occur are the side effects. Your RBC and hematocrit levels will elevate, your lipid levels will go to shit, and your Estradiol levels will become very difficult to control, your John the Baptist will randomly cease to function, your testes will shrink without HCG to maintain them, and you will invite gynecomastia "bitch tits" (only reversible through surgery when severe). 


    Depite enduring all that you won't put on another ounce of muscle. Why not? Because you already had plenty of hormone available to build muscle before but weren't forcing your body to put on any additional mass through your workouts and diet, that is why. 


    No lifts + Steroids = NO GAINZ 

    Lifts + Steroids - Not enough food = NO GAINZ

    No lifts + Steroids + Tons of food = FAT ONLY GAINZ

    Lifts + Tons of Food = DECENT GAINZ

    Massive Lifts + Steroids + Tons of Food = GODLY GAINZ


    Therefore everyone who hears these words of Mine and acts on them, may be compared to a giant Polish man who built his yoke on the rack. And the hormones fell, and the donuts came, and the haters whined and shouted against that Pole; and yet it did not fall, for it had been founded on the rack. - Pudzianowski 9:30

The Swollen Christ
User not wrote anything about he!


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June 29, 2016