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You are Probably One of "The Privileged Elite"

  • Are you one of the protected elite that Hillary and the Democrats are looking to chop down to size in the name of wage equality? If you are well educated and work in a STEM field, then you probably are.


    H1B visa Fraud is being perpetuated upon American IT workers by both politicians and big business. This fraud is all about cheap labor and decreasing what Democrats see as a protected elite.
    Democrat H1B Visa Fraud
    When Democrats talk of wage inequality they always talk about raising the minimum wage. “We need a fifteen dollar an hour minimum wage to help reduce wage inequality”, would be an example. I wonder why they never talk about the plan to lower the wages of the educated and skilled Americans by flooding the country with H1B visa holders. And opening the flood gates they are, about 85,000 H1B visa holders are coming in each year, and taking the jobs of Americans already doing the work. This is exactly what Democrats want as it serves their socialist goals which are not really about Socialism, but power. By suppressing middle class Americans ability to earn, the middle class becomes more dependent on Government programs. Importing foreigners who will be dependent on Government aid and by increasing the number of Americans who need welfare, only increase the number of perceived Democrat voters. Crushing American middle calls earning ability is accomplished because the highly educated and skilled Americans no longer earn as much their wages are suppressed as they are competing for jobs with immigrants brought in specifically to suppress their wages. These immigrants will work for exceptionally low wages with exceptionally meager, if any, benefits. The gap between the high skilled earners and the low skilled earners is reduced. Democrat goals get achieved, wage inequality is reduced, and the number of Americans on welfare is increased. More Democrat voters are created at the expense of native born high skilled Americans.
    The lie being perpetuated to the American public is that there are not enough high skilled workers in the US to meet the demand, and these H1B visa holders are just filling the gap. The problem is that this is a lie. In fact there are several public incidents where entire organizations of IT works were replaced with H1B visa holders. The most public case is the case of the Disney IT workers who were replaced and told their severance package was dependent on them keeping their mouth shut about it. Here is a video of an ex-Disney employee explaining what happened.
    Now your political bias may have you defending the democrat politicians supporting the influx of H1B visa holders, and telling yourself that their plan isn’t to replace American workers, and lower wages, but you would be wrong. In fact Allen Greenspan said capping the H1B visa numbers would make American IT workers a “Privileged Elite”. Then in his rallying call to Democrats proclaimed, “Skill shortages in America exist because we are shielding our skilled labor force from world competition. Quotas have been substituted for the wage pricing mechanism. In the process, we have created a privileged elite whose incomes are being supported at noncompetitively high levels by immigration quotas on skilled professionals. Eliminating such restrictions would reduce at least some of our income inequality.” I guess the Disney IT worker above was one of the Privilege Elite that Democrats felt need to have his wage corrected.
    As a presidential candidate Hillary Clinton fully supports drastic increase in H!B visa holders. It should also be noted that the two largest increases in the H1Bvisa caps came under President Bill Clinton. She has said many times how the program helps American Business find High skilled labor. Her competitor Trump on the other hand has a different view and stated the following in reference to H1B visa program, “It’s unfair to our workers and we should end it.”
    The kicker is that more and more studies actually show we are not Bringing in the Best & Brightest like Hillary and friends proclaim, in fact it is the opposite. We are bringing in marginal IT workers who have to be trained then perform no better than the Americans they replaced. The only thing gained was that these new workers will do the same work for substantially less money, while the American IT workers get to go on Government welfare programs and get unemployment.
    Former Technology CEO Vivek Wadhwa has stated the following:
    “I know from my experience as a tech CEO that H-1Bs are cheaper than domestic hires. Technically, these workers are supposed to be paid a "prevailing wage," but this mechanism is riddled with loopholes.”
    “I was one of the first [CEOs] to use H-1B visas to bring workers to the U.S.A. Why did I do that? Because it was cheaper.”
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