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How the Clinton's Stay Out Of Prison

  • The Doppelganger

    Why Loretta Lynch is protecting Hillary Clinton

    We have all heard in the news lately how Bill Clinton met with Loretta E. Lynch the US Attorney General on her plane, and everyone assumed it was concerning Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. Specifically people are prognosticating that some of Hillary Clinton’s emails contained potential illegal or at the very least damaging data related to the Clinton’s supposed charity the Clinton Foundation.
    The one thing I wondered constantly is why Loretta Lynch would put her neck on the line for the Clintons. I mean if you think about it, the Clintons are turning out to be one of the Dirtiest political couples in history, at least perceived so by much of the public. Now this may or may not be a legitimate perception the public is building, but it makes you wonder, why would Loretta Lynch risk an association, or worse, risk having the public assume she is actually protecting the Clintons?
    zPatriot researchers have finally found the answer and in this case reality it is truly stranger than fiction. What I am about to show you will shake you to your very core. Only recently have zPatriot scientists refined our human recognition algorithm to a point with which we can say for certain Loretta E. Lynch is actually Hillary Clinton. They are the same person, and it makes sense. If you are as allegedly corrupt as the Clintons, the only way to stay out of prison is to hold the highest law enforcement office in the country.
    The resemblance is clearly evident in the picture below. But on certain features the zPatriot matching algorithm scored as high as a 99.999% match.
    Loretta E. Lynch & Hillary Clinton Side-by-Side
    Now in the next image the algorithm completes a hair match and scores 78%. This is a strong match, but clearly Hillary is styling the hair different and coloring it, but there are many similarities. The length and overall style are a strong match. Both are at the exact same pre old lady cotton candy hair stage, and have almost perfectly matched hairlines.
    Hillary Clinton to Loretta Lynch Hair Match 78%
    The hip to waist ratio match is a 98.8% match. Since both have a perfect Fireplug body type we expected this match to be close.
    Hillary Clinton to Loretta Lynch Hip to Waist ratio Match 98.8%
    This next match is what we call the 5 nines. This means a perfect match. As you can see the kneecap to ankle joint ratio is a perfect match in fact it is 99.999%. Cankles like this can only be Hillary Clinton’s.
    Hillary Clinton to Loretta Lynch Cankle Match 99.999%
    Clearly Loretta Lynch is just Hillary with spray tan and hair dye. This was the perfect plan, but now the cat is out of the bag.
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May 25, 2016