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Girl left you? Sue for damages...

  • You've invested your most precious assets: time, money (an abstraction of your time, and energy.

    Your return on investment? 0

    The reason for the zero return: Your investment partner wasn't actually in the same business you thought you were in.

    Normally these factors are the ground for investment malfeaseance civil suits as they should be. When you pour your hard earned assets and quite finite time into a business venture with a partner there is some expectation of "good faith". When they egregiously violate that you sue.

    That's exactly what this Russian lawyer is doing to his ex-gf who punched out of the relationship because he didn't agree to legally entitle her to half his shit fast enough.


    Well played sir, well played.




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King Shitpoaster
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  • AdolphON
    AdolphON This makes perfect sense. Marriage is no longer the religious based institution it once was. It is now nothing more than a legal contract. If someone violates that contract, enters into it under false pretense, or in any way brings damage to a party of...  more
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  • GeoScout
    GeoScout Any marriage advice Buzz Kill
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  • Buzz Kill
    Buzz Kill I’m in full agreement with King Shit. However I think the marriage license should only for good for 5 years and will be terminated unless renewed. At the end of 5 Years the partnership should be dissolved and the assets split unless renewed. Ownership of ...  more
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