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Did the UK Pound Sterling Really "Crash"?

  • If you listen to the panicked Left you might think thatthere are hordes of newly impoverished British children roving the streets and offering discount blowjobs to foreign tourists due to the "massive crash" in the pound sterling's value post Brexit referendum. The British pound is circling the drain and must be worth less than a Zim, a Dong, or an Iraqi Dinar (RV sure to come "soon"!) right?



    But... you would be wrong. Pre-referendum the Pound was worth about $1.48USD, post Brexit the massive, MASSIVE, YUUUUGE crash took it so far down that it is worth only a pitiable ~$1.30USD today.


    My God, in Heaven!  When could it have been this low before? Well... In February of 2016 it was at $1.38USD per ound without any Brexiting whatsoever and zero international coverage.


    I have lived in countries with real currency crashes people.... time when their local currency sank to be worth less than 1/5 of the dollar value it held less than 24 hours prior. Those are crashes. This isn't a crash. 



    Stay tuned to this blog, I will be sure to let you know when you can start booking underage sex tourist trips to the UK, for now only the migrant get to do that.



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    GeoScout Wait...are you sure....CNN said that George Soros said that this was a 1930s style crash, and that the UK was going to have to sell London to Saudi Arabia, and Birmingham was offered to the Chinese, but no one wants Birmingham #brexit #pound #currency #sterling
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    King Shitpoaster Brummy goits....
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