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Hardgainers, diet, and steroids... Putting on mass...

  • Come unto me, ye skinny and chisel chested... Sit at the feet of the Teacher and behold the miracle of Fishes and Loaves...



    The miracle is that eating the Fishes....



    and eating the Loaves are absolute commandments if you wish to become like unto the Swollen Christ (Dwayne be His name)...


    "But I eat all the tiiiiiime!" (<----that is skinny apostate (aka hardgainer) font)


    Take these things away; stop making My Father's house a place of excuses! - Coan 2:15-17


    The fact of the matter is, building up a pound of muscle requires a large amount of caloric energy. Energy above and beyond the energy needed to stay alive and functional normally throughout the day. This is called being in a state of caloric surplus


    Steroids have no calories. They are only a catalyst to the raction which builds muscle in response to stressors.


    If you don't have stressors (progressive overload), but have plenty of calories, steroids won't provide any muscle building, you will just get fatter.


    If you have stressors but don't provide any fuel (calories) then steroids have nothing to catalyze and you won't get any larger or stronger.


    Skinny apostates routinely fail to accurately assess what they eat. If they confess to eating 4,000 cal a day you can bet that when weighted and logged properly they routinely fail to crack 3,000.

    Food diaries are your friend when you are trying to gain weight... use them. Most are free like MyFitnessPal and are so simple that even a Pharisee could use them.


    Once you have your diet nailed down and are providing your workout with the recovery fuel it needs... then and only then can steroids increase the pace of Holy Gainz...


    “But everyone shall sit under his vine and under his fig tree, and no one shall make them afraid; for the mouth of the LORD of hosts has spoken and told you to eat them figs!” CT Fletcher 4:4






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