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  • Campaign 2016 -How not to play the loser's game.

    Here we are in the final 100 days of the 2016 presidential campaign cycle, all we know for sure is that it will finish ugly.     The two competing campaign slogans are “Stronger Together” and “Make America Great Again” and they illustrate the dichotomy of the bas...
  • Stonewall

    Presidential PrioritiesIt’s been a few weeks since our last terrorist attack. Sadly, terrorism has become routine in the world today. This time it was at an Orlando nightclub, popular with the local gay community. In the aftermath of the bloody ordeal Mr. Obama, the master of blame shifting, p...
  • Wake up Buttercup

    This is the one thing that pisses me off no end. Thoughtless platitudes on social media, and all media in general for that matter. I think nothing shows that you are a thoughtless pile of protoplasm like a good old poorly contrived hashtag. A show of unity without the resolve to fight and back it ...