Campaign 2016 -How not to play the loser's game.

  • Here we are in the final 100 days of the 2016 presidential campaign cycle, all we know for sure is that it will finish ugly.



    The two competing campaign slogans are “Stronger Together” and “Make America Great Again” and they illustrate the dichotomy of the base each side panders to. The Hillary “Stronger together” supporters and Trump’s “Make America Great Again” folks are basically feeding off the same false narrative of fear that each candidate is spinning. They predict doom if the other candidate is elected and tell us that it’s midnight in America, black lives don’t matter or that immigrants rapists are taking all the jobs. So it’s no mystery that the mood of the voters is one of anger, division, resentment and paranoia. They want you to believe that America’s best days are behind her unless you elect them. They want to strike fear in us so we understand that they alone are the only hope of salvation.


    So how did we get here and who’s going to win?


    The Republican and Democrat campaigns starts off like professional wrestling, In the first rounds the strongest fighter figuratively bludgeons his/ her opponents to try and knock them out, in a grueling spectacle designed to whittle down the selection to just one for each party.  The primary debates are like political cage fighting where the winner takes the purse at the convention to get the nod from their party and become their champion.  This is how the “Winners game” is played and both Trump and Hillary were able to get their party’s nomination after defeating all comers. But here is the difference, Hillary is a professional politician she knows how the game is played, she knows how influence works and is not afraid to use it, She’s the ultimate Washington insider and she can call in favors from vary powerful friends. She is a professional politician in every sense of the word.  You see, the professional player in any game, be it in sports or politics, knows how to play the winners game and sometimes more importantly, the loser’s game as well. Knowing how not to play the losers game in 2016 will determine who the next POTUS will be.


    Bear with me for a moment, while I use another sports analogy. In Simon Ramo’s book, Extraordinary Tennis for the Ordinary Tennis Player, he analyses the two main strategies of tennis players and contrasts the approach of the professional and the amateur. The winner’s game in tennis, is played between professionals who are equally matched and seldom make game errors, like serving into the net or hitting the ball out of bounds. Games are won by a small margins of hard earned skills. Here, Simon writes about how the loser’s game is played “The amateur duffer seldom beats his opponent, but he beats himself all the time. The victor in this game of tennis gets a higher score than the opponent, but he gets that higher score because his opponent is losing even more points.”  Then he goes on to say “amateur tennis is a Loser’s Game – the final outcome is determined by the activities of the loser. The two games are, in their fundamental characteristic, not at all the same. They are opposites.” So you see Hillary, the professional, and Trump, the amateur, are playing two different games. All Hillary has to do now is sit back, stick to the script and let Trump defeat himself playing the loser’s game.

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    GeoScout While I do agree with this. The factor that the media is trying to combat now is the enthusiasm gap. 36% of republican leaning independent are eager to vote for Trump, where 19% of Democrat leaning independents are eager to vote for Hillary. Trump with...  more
    August 4, 2016