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    The tax man will get you if you didn’t sign up for Obama care.

    • Whatever you think is fair

    • I would like to personally thank John McCain:
      1. My healthcare went from $740 to over $1400 for the same number of people.
      2. My Deductible went from $0 to $5000
      3. My Doctor selection is reduced
      4. AZ has 1 insurer supporting the state before Obamacare we had a lot.

      So I spend $16,800 on Obamacare and don’t get any benefit until I spend $5,000 on top, so to effectively use any insurance I have to spend $21,800 a year….

      Obamacare costs me an additional $12,920 a year. Of which I get nothing in return except for worse health care than I had before. Does this seem like a scam to anyone else?

      Oh and thank you John McCain for voting against the latest attempt to reform this crap health care. You screwed the citizens of AZ, but got praise in the media and pats on the back by Joe Biden.