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    TRON posted an update 1 year, 4 months ago

    The Republicans in House and Senate are set for what I predict will be historic losses. This will no doubt place basically all of their agenda in the dustbin not to mention jeopardize the Trump Presidency as the Democrats would love to trump up charges of some kind to have him impeached.
    The Democrats will place the blame at the feet of Trump, and so will the Republicans. Both parties will say the losses of the Republicans is a clear repudiation of trump, but that won’t be reality. All Republicans I speak to are outraged with the republican majorities in the House and Senate. Everything they ran on they have failed at implementing. In fact many believe the only bright light has been Trump executive orders and Judicial picks. Everything else falls to the House and senate and the republicans in both houses of congress have failed at everything.
    So the Republicans have a short while to energize their voters by passing tax reform, healthcare reform, modifying NAFTA etc. otherwise they will suffer historic losses and only have themselves to blame.