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Nancy Pelosi VS President Trump – A tale of being real

In one corner you have the Democrats spokes person and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.  A famous mask shaming hypocrite who keeps shaming people including Trump for not wearing a mask and yet keeps getting caught without one.  We all know how she claims she was setup, but it’s all BS, she is the freaking Speaker of the House…Does she not know the rules that Democrat’s are enforcing?    Salons are closed for business, and masks are mandatory, so how was it a setup?  Did they drug her and rip off her mask then smuggler into the salon and turn on the cameras?  I guess were all idiots.  Heck back in May she was ripping people for not wearing masks while being busted for not wearing them: Pelosi Busted Without Mask

In the other corner you have the nemesis of the Democrats President Trump.  Does he always wear a mask? Nope!  Does he sometimes weak one?  Yup!  Does he go around demanding people wear masks and shut their businesses, while violating the rules?  Nope?  Guess he’s not the hypocrite.

Why Democrats have pushed this hypocrite on us so many years I can’t understand.  But now they want to try and get us to vote a guy that doesn’t know what freaking planet he lives on into the most powerful position in the world.

Trump looks better every day, be done with these hypocrites and liars.  They will mock you, shut down your livelihood while eating their fancy ice cream in their  million dollar kitchen.  No thanks “Let them eat cake Pelosi”

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Written by Freddie Blue

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