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Pelosi's Hair Stylist and the Setup Confirmation

The media is pushing a narrative now that Pelosi was setup.  The specific hair stylist has come out and stated he agrees with the setup narrative.  Well, he knows he better agree with Pelosi because if he doesn’t he will be shunned and run out of town.

So we know the salon owner is getting hate mail, death threats, and generally being harassed by Democrats.  It is San Fransicko afterall.  So if the stylist was on the side of the salon owner, he knows he can’t come out on her side (sure he has come out other ways) because Democrats would treat him like they are treating the salon owner who they have run out of town.

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter Nancy Pelosi knew the salon was closed, and she knew of the mask update, but needed her Karen haircut blow dried.  In typical Karen style she deflects her blame to others instead of accepting responsibility.

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