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Thoughts on "KAREN" Who is KAREN Really

So the Karen meme references white women who feel they need to call the police or talk to the manager anytime they feel they are not getting their way.  Usually someone denies a request or makes them feel uncomfortable, so they get angry and decide they need to tattle to the manager.

This is a uniquely progressive worldview.  Seldom do conservative men or women feel entitles enough or outraged enough to go to the manager.  In fact this Karen world view is expressed throughout the progressive movement.  A key Karen trait is being unable to control your emotions and lashing out at people who view things differently from you.  Almost all Karen interactions end up with a manager talk or calling the police to attempt to get someone in trouble for offending the Karen not actually violating any laws or rules.  This stinks to progressivism, progressives are known to not have a handle on emotions and lash out at those who offend them or think differently. 

Just the other day a progressive Karen attacked a 12 year old who was headed down the street carrying his Trump 2020 sign.  She spotted the 12 year old as she drove down the street on her moped {Not A Joke}.  She whipped her moped around and said, “you want something to look at,” and used a closed fist to strike the boy in the back of the head and arms four to five times, and scratched him. The boy told police the woman then tried take the sign before leaving the scene. Story here: Karen attacks 12 year old Trump supporter 

How about the Karen’s that attacked the kids with Trump signs and stole a kids Trump hat outside the DNC convention.  They were so out raged that they felt the need to lash out at this kid.  

Here is another progressive Karen who stole the MAGA hat of a young man because as she said it represents genocide, she also stated, “Freedom of speech is genocide homeboy” (WTF progressive arguments don’t make sense), but once again her progressive view is all that matters so she reacts purely emotionally and can’t handle someone with a different worldview. 

Anecdotal evidence seems to indicate Karens have a specific hairstyle I say anecdotal because there are no long term peer reviewed Karen studies I know of, but it is generally known that a Karen has some form of this haircut:

Okay now with this haircut in mind, does the lady in the next MAGA hat stealing video match the predictable hairstyle of a Karen?  You be the judge.

 Look progressives need to control their Karens, as a polite society we can’t have outraged progressive women just running around stealing and destroying peoples property.  Progressive Karens are a step away from ANTIFA.

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Written by Freddie Blue

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