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Article 1: COVID-19 and the Matrix Glitch

Yes! COVID-19 is a bunch of malarkey and I can prove it with logic.  This is the first in a series of articles that will showcase glitches in the Matrix that when put together really seems to indicate COVID-19 is either a hoax, or wildly over exaggerated in severity.

Today our existence is all about self-glorification, hence the rise and popularity of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., etc.   People like to take any good event, or tragedy and make it about themselves.  An example of this phenomena would be a kid at any university in America dies in a car accident. Suddenly every kid in that university knew and was really close to that kid.  How do we know?  They post it all over social media looking for the, “I am so sorry for your loss”, or digital hugs.  Humans largely can’t help it, it’s easy to do and is rewarded with the proper neurotransmitter release when the intended responses start rolling in.  In effect these posts are Social Media crack, a cheap and easy way to get a dopamine release.  This dopamine release is what you get during sex, watching pornography, and many drugs, and everyone knows how addictive those vices are.

Interestingly, the more tragic the incident, statistically the more people seem to tie themselves to it.  So, let’s say someone tests positive for COVID-19.  This might elicit a 10-20 x multiplier for glorification-connected social media posts.  “FYI everyone my good friend just tested positive for COVID.  Please pray for him.”  This is an example of a glorification-connected social media post.  It’s not the person that tested positive, just a bunch of people (10 to 20) trying to glean some sympathy where they don’t deserve it.  You know for the Dopamine and feel good vibes that come with it.

Now a tragedy like death really ups the numbers on glorification-connected social media posts, and it’s easy to understand why.  Nothing elicits responses from people on Social media like death.  So, you can expect potentially a 100-x multiplier on glorification-connected social media posts where death is concerned.

With this in mind considered the fact the US alone has over 6 million cases of confirmed COVID-19 infections, and almost 200 thousand deaths.   These numbers would indicate millions and millions of Social media posts that don’t exist.  The fact is most people have not seen a post about someone with some reasonable degree of separation from them contracting COVID-19 much less dying of it is impossible in this day and age.  They say that with the Spanish flu everyone knew someone who died, and that was without social media.  Now keep in mind the multiplier for COVID is probably even high because of the fear factor.  In fact, I would say there would be vastly more glorification-connected social media post for some dying of COVID, than of a heart attack.

If you want to be special right now post that your really good friend who you saw once at the Tasty Freeze died of COVID-19.  This will be promoted by the Big Tech fear factory, and you’ll earn a lot of internet points and virtual hugs, which is almost as good as hitting the crack pipe.

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