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Biden Campaign Leverages New Technology – Hope to overcome cognitive decline concerns

It has been leaked to “REEP networks” that Joe Biden used a new technology during the debate called mojo vision. In effect Biden wore smart contact lenses similar to Google glass. The main difference is that these are contact lenses and not actual framed glasses. 

A Biden campaign insider has confirmed that this technology is being used and that he will now start to limit teleprompter use in the future. The insider also stated that the reason Joe has been locked away over the course of the last few weeks, especially the days leading to the debate, was that the Biden campaign team was actively working to perfect the technologies use for the debate, and is in fact working closely with product experts and engineers to perfect for more use cases. 

The Biden campaign appears to be using the product as a contact lens teleprompter and the insider claims this new technology will allow more engagement within formal settings. However, the technology isn’t useful yet for impromptu engagements where the infrastructure isn’t prepared to send the visual cues to the lenses. and that this is the next phase that the Biden campaign is working with product experts to achieve. The plan going forward appears to be a simple voice recognition app on a campaign staffers phone or tablet. The campaign staffer will be able to answer the question with their voice with a mere whisper and the voice recognition software will render the response on the mojo vision lenses for Joe Biden to parrot back. The other challenge is the cadence the staffer must use to ensure the text is on screen long enough for Biden to repeat them. The app also supposedly offers queuing to ensure no matter how quickly the staffer speaks, the words aren’t displayed too quickly for Biden. While still a work in progress this next phase is expected within a week. The campaign staff is excited as they feel this will allow Biden to give a better perception of mental clarity and squash any fears voters may have about Biden’s cognitive abilities. Mojo Vision Site

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