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“I discovered this series titled

only yesterday, and I read all six parts in a row non-stop. This is a masters-degree-level course on the history and lessons of government-sponsored genocide. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Some of the many embedded images are gut-wrenching, but this lecture series does not hold back any punches. 

The hosting website permits you to save these lectures as PDF files, and I recommend that you do so. The powers-that-be in the coming years will not want people to be armed with this knowledge. This lecture series will be suppressed, count on it. Save it so that you can share it later, after it is disappeared down the memory hole.”

Read the article here. Save the pdf files for later for when they disappear. Takeaways are below, but do not substitute this summary for the content from this link. It may save your life… you will need it.

1. “White Privilege” means “Scheduled for Genocide”.
2. “Diversity Officers” collect names, put them on lists.
3. Never permit yourself to be disarmed.
4. You need to be lethal, and not afraid to use a weapon.
5. “Door to door gun collection” means SHTF is about to happen.
6. All genocide originates from the wealthy leadership.
7. Stay away from crowds.
8. When ordered to report to mass collection points – run for the woods.
9. Your neighbors WILL turn you in.

The SHTF and CWII will happen because there is no one undoing the pre-genocidal preparations for it. As such, we can expect the following truths…
1. You will not know there is a full-on Civil War until you are in the midst of it.
2. The American Second Civil War (CWII) will be a genocidal event of enormous scale.
3. There will be an organized effort to disarm prior to the war. It may or may not happen.
4. The timetable for the war has already been established. It’s going to happen whether everything is in place or not.
5. The real danger of the progressive liberal army lies well hidden from public scrutiny. It is kept intentionally hidden. Just like in Rwanda, the conspirators held very secret meetings, and had secret handshakes, and shirts that they wore to identify each other. Chess pieces are moving into place.
6. Once your hands are tied and bound behind your back it will be too late.
7. Diversity Officers and their confederates will have you already earmarked as subversive.
8. Whole-scale mass murder will be the norm.
9. There will not be any Bill of Rights to protect you when the police are run by progressive liberals.
10. Refugee camps will be dangerous and unhealthy places to be trapped in.
11. The news media will not be reporting anything but the most trivial events. At that, it will be slanted in favor of progressives.
12. Conservative websites and news might be blocked or difficult to access.

h/t Matt Bracken


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