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Confusing COVID Stats!

As of 0532 January 11th the CDC confirms 22,410,049 positive COVID-19 cases in America Tracking Covid-19 cases in the US ( 

Also according to CDC, for every positive test the actual positive rate is 6 to 24 times higher. Report

So…to do a little math… if we us a 13 multiplier (22,410,049 X 13) the actual US COVID-19 positive number in the us is close to 291,330,637 people.   

The US population is roughly 330,000,000 people, so the 291,330,637 people infected is a large percentage of the total population.  Heck, it’s over 88% of the population.

Seems we should be at herd immunity already, or really close.

something smells fishy in Denmark

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