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Dem State Sen Who Led “Crime Committee” Turned Himself in For Allegedly Strangling Wife (

Well, another day, another degenerate, violent woman-hating liberal man.

I mean, it seems that way, right? These people are the biggest hypocrites on the planet.

This Democrat state senator from New York is a real humdinger, too.

Not only is he a “loving liberal,” but he also was the head of a “crime committee” and he just turned himself in for…

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Wait for it…

Strangling his wife.

From Daily Caller

Democratic New York State Senator and chair of the Committee On Crime Victims, Crime And Corrections Luis Sepúlveda turned himself in to police Tuesday for allegedly choking his estranged wife during a fight over the weekend, police confirmed.

Police responded to a 9-1-1 call Saturday for a domestic incident. Sepúlveda, 56, and Elizabeth Sepúlveda, his 40-year-old wife,  both told police that they were each assaulted by one another, police said.

Sepúlveda said his wife had punched him in the face while she told police he had his hands clasped around her neck and was choking her, according to The New York Times (NYT).

The left won’t comment on this clown. They will clam-up until this story disappears into the void.


That’s how they keep winning. They don’t care if they look like shameless hypocrites, all they want to do is win.

The left doesn’t eat their own like the right does, and if we want to gain ground, we need to start playing smarter, because the “high road” is a wasteland of losers, littered with the corpses of people with great intentions and lots of virtue.


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