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    Why it’s impossible to run as a realistic Democrat?
    1. Can’t commute (planes, trains automobiles) – Pisses off climate changers.
    2. Can’t eat meat – Pisses off vegans, climate changers, animal activists
    3. Can’t be successful in business – Pisses of AOC, socialist base, communists, econ justice folks
    4. Can’t be male – Pisses off Hillary supporters, Elisabeth Warren supporters, social justice warriors
    5. Can’t be white – Pisses off social justice warriors, feminists
    6. Can’t own a pet – Pisses off animal activists (PETA)
    7. Can’t like sugary food/drinks – Pisses off Bloomberg, Michelle Obama, food justice warriors
    8. Can’t support 2nd amendment – This universally pisses off all Democrats.
    9. Can’t enjoy books/movies that have characters with traditional gender roles- Pisses off AOC, social justice warriors, gay rights activists, trans-gendered
    10. Can’t believe in X & Y chromosomes – Pisses off AOC, social justice warriors, gay rights activists, trans gendered
    11. Can’t believe the science that human life starts at conception, and must abide by the Spaghetti Monster liturgy that states there is a magical date where life is considered human and protected that only Democrats can understand.