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    TRON posted an update 10 months ago

    While the those on the right are rightfully calling out the media for being just totally full of shit again. I don’t want to beat this dead horse again, because no one thinks CNN, Buzzfeed, MSNBC etc, etc, etc are actual real news anymore.
    I in fact have a different question. Why is it that everyone was willing to toss these kids away with no proof. Remember they were going to be expelled, lives ruined and the media was okay with it because they were supposed to be racists. However now that we see that there were real racists in the video but not the catholic school kids, I have to ask is the media going to go after them? Are all the idiot celebrities going to call for violence to be committed on the real racist anti-gay protesters? No they won’t because those it’s okay to destroy an innocent Christian white male, but guilty any one on the left is perfectly safe.