zPatriot Debate Poll – Who Will Win The First Presidential Debate

Tonight marks the first 2020 presidential debate with Biden squaring off against Trump.  

Trump is high energy and comfortable speaking however he does best when in front of large crowds,  Tonight’s audience is smaller than normal.   Will this work against a man who seems to get energy from crowds of enthusiastic supporters?    

Biden on the other hand, seems to have lost a step, but he is a career politician.  Will his close to 50 years experience in the greatest debate hall in the world (The U S Senate)be enough to beat Trump?

What will be the media’s spin impact if any?  

  • Question of

    Who Wins The First Debate?

    • President Donald Trump
    • Joe Biden
    • They Tie, No Clear Winner!
  • Question of

    How Will Media Spin Debate?

    • Media Reports Fairly For Each Side.
    • Trump Beats Biden Like He’s Making Butter, But Media Spins It Saying Biden Wins!
    • Biden Crushes Trump Like a Tin Can, But Media Promotes Trump As Winner?

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  1. All Biden has to do is not look like a complete dead corpse and he will be declared winner. Trump will have to answer everything perfectly and will still be called a liar by MSM! Everyone knows this.

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